Current Action Solutions Services

Lists and Data


  • Matching existing donors for deep information on high networth people
  • Providing new list of potential donors
  • Delivering campaign information to raise money
  • Direct Hit IP Marketing

Email Marketing

Voter lists

  • High quality voter data
  • Phones
  • Email
  • GOP DATAcenter is not as accurate as it could be and better data can lead to more accuracy in outreach.


  • Automated collection with analysis is 1/4 to 1/5 the cost of live phone collection
  • Data for poll

Voter Identification Polling

  • Used to identify supporters based upon “hot button” issues that indicate they are potential supporters
  • Automated polling is an inexpensive approach to finding out how people feel about issues and creating lists for GOTV

Event Notification

  • Automated calls to advertise upcoming events

Board Cast Messaging

Not associated with an event, a message can be sent to targeted audiences determined to be receptive to the message.

One call to all 4 of 4 voters

Get Out The Vote (GOTV)

  • Use Voter Identification information in GOTV program
  • One call the weekend prior to the Election
  • One call as the ballots drop
  • Automated call with an endorsement
  • Live caller outreach

Direct Hit IP Marketing

  • Name Identification and GOTV
  • Create banner Ads
  • Create video

Telephone Townhall

  • Use these to communicate broad themes and activate volunteers
  • Schedule another as the ballots drop
  • Each call is prefaced by a pre-call invitation

Email Marketing

  • Action Solutions partners with a company that manages their own online persona so you can reach more people.
  • Two types of list
  • Organic
  • Non-organic using purchased emails
  • We purchase emails

Here is a list of some of the things we have done for clients.

  • Automated calls to announce an event
  • Automated calls to announce an event and collect responses
  • Automated calls to ask for volunteerism (leave messages about walking events; ask for yard sign locations, RSVP for fundraising events, etc.)
  • Automated call to announce an endorsement
  • Automated call to announce the arrival of a fundraising letter and enhance the result
  • Automated call to remind and Get Out the Vote!
  • Voter ID Survey’s to identify specific households on specific issues and hot button issues.  For example, identify the conservative voters among the unaffiliated voter block.
  • Scientific polling to look at issues of importance to the electorate, name ID levels, etc.  This can be used to generate interest from the donor base.
  • Push polling to see what messages will move people to a candidate.
  • Patch-Through calls to ask people to press a key and go to a legislative office to ask for a certain action regarding legislation.
  • Telephone Townhalls – this is a great way to reach the voters.  There are two benefits: first the message of invitation to join in the townhall, whether they can attend or not is very positive; second the attendee, you can answer questions, ask for volunteers, raise funds, etc. to this group.
Interactive Autodial Voter ID Town Hall Grassroots Fundraising

Don’t waste a nickel on another robocall. Let us craft specialized interactive autodial campaigns that activate your members, activate your voters, and expand your base.

  • Action Connect: #1 leading Patch Through system
  • GOTV calls
  • Generate RSVPs for your events
  • Signature gathering

Our specialty is identifying Democrats and Unaffiliated voters who lean conservative on key issues.

  • High quality results at little cost
  • Here is the key to winning races - what's a voter "hot button"?
  • Sky high response rates
  • Results in just days

In one hour, personally interact LIVE with thousands of your constituents, voters, or members at the touch of button.

  • Custom developed, full featured system
  • Invite an entire district in minutes
  • Competitive pricing
  • Run and manage a Town Hall from anywhere!

As an offering to select clients, we have a cash-flow positive prospecting service from a voter file.

  • Prospect for new donors and build your donor base from a voter file at break even or better!
  • Experienced, well trained, callers
  • Build your email list
  • Add new members who can be activated to help your organization