Data, Lists, Databases and more! – continued

Here is the continuation of our discussion of Data, Lists and Databases.

Reaching People

In today’s busy life we need multiple ways to try to reach people.  Realizing that the average age of the voter is 54, we know that phones are still, and will remain, an effective way to reach voters.  Some 54 year olds are very technically savvy and can be reached via email, facebook, and even twitter and some of the other social media options.  Yet some are not tech savvy.  I personally fit into the average range.  I have a facebook group made up of friends from my college days.  I have posted to this list of 65.  In the first 3 to 4 days, probably 15 people will see the post.  After a week or two we might get to 45% viewing.  We never get to 50% viewing.  With phones we generally will get a 70 to 75 percent connection rate (a purchased list can get to 85% or higher) from a GOPDATACENTER list.  Of those connections, about 60 to 65 percent will be live connections and the remainder will be voicemail.  With our phone delivery, you can measure how long the average listener listens to the message.  Action Solutions can also assist you with developing a compelling message.  A more compelling message will get people to listen longer.  When messages are more thought out and the use of phones is more planned, we call these type of phone messages, BROADCAST Messaging (every campaign typically starts with the idea that they can reach all of their voters with a live caller – but this ideal is NEVER REACHED and some form of Broadcast messaging should always be part of your election and GOTV plan.)  When things tend to be more last minute with less thought, the terminology still falls into the realm of “ROBO” Calls.  Getting back to the discussion of connection rates for phones, in a recent example, we connected with 7400 live callers.  Almost 4000 of these listeners heard the entire message.  So if you have thought that phones aren’t effective, you can see from this example, that they can be very effective.

Keeping Track of Data

Data can be stored in Excel files, Microsoft Access, or in various CRMS, and even online, with storage available for volunteers and staff to update.  A quick search of the internet brought me this list of software for political services:  Companies like salesforce, nationbuilder, bridgetree software, and others are tools I have run into.  Keeping track of contacts made with voters will help understand who your supporters are, create lists for fundraising and create lists for getting those who support you out to vote.  More and more it is being understood that identifying and getting out your vote is the critical thing in winning races.  Isn’t this part of how Obama was able to beat Romney in what should have been the most winnable Presidential Race in history for Romney?


In conclusion, data and lists are a critical foundation for any successful campaign!  Lists are the foundation for fundraising, volunteer activities, email marketing, internet marketing, phone outreach, yard sign location efforts, and Get Out the Vote (GOTV) efforts (in states with no registration by party, how do you do GOTV? – Voter ID Surveys!). Lists are the key!  Action Solutions, as a first step for any of its services can help you with the purchase of data.  We can purchase addresses, phones, and emails.  We can also assist you with the use of GOPDATACENTER and other online data sources to ensure you have the right data to effectively campaign!  Call us today!

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