Jeff’s Political Resume

Jeffrey R. 829-Kubler



Analytical and results-driven campaign professional with 20+ years of experience in organizational leadership, Get Out the Vote Programs implementation and execution, polling and program implementation.  Owner of campaign services company with active and vital services to help candidates, issues, political parties, political influence groups, associations, and others to win races, promote causes, and communicate with membership.


Political and Service Positions Held
·         Delegate, 2012 Republican National Convention

·         Past Chair, Republican 5th Congressional District (2004 – 2012)

·         Past City of Adair Village Councilor (2004 – 2012)

·         Former Chair, Benton County Republican Party (2000 – 2004)

·         Former Vice-Chair, Benton County Republican Party (1996 – 2000)

·         Secretary, 5th Congressional District (2000 – 2004)

·         Precinct Committee Person (1988 to present)

·         Delegate, 2004 National Republican Convention

·         Alternate Delegate, 2000 National Republican Convention

·         Delegate, 2008 National Republican Convention


·         Developed, advocated, and executed plans on Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV) methods

·         Raised over $60,000.00 in an election year for the Benton GOTV Plan

·         Helped direct and organize Benton County Republican Party.  Ran county meetings and planned special events

·         Served as 5th District Chair of the Oregon Republican Party and was a member of the Oregon Republican State Executive Committee and ORP Central Committee.  Conducted three 5th district conventions with 200 to 300 attendees for a day-long event

·         Used GOTV in local initiative races (Example: Initiative to increase income taxes for schools, which was defeated)

·         Used GOTV to assist in Senator Frank Morse’s election and re-election.  Morse’s initial election was one of the rare surprises in Oregon Politics.

·         Used GOTV to assist in Representative Andy Olson’s election and re-election

·         In the 2008 election, worked with local senators and representatives on special election calling project on behalf of Senate Caucus, House Caucus, and local races.   The effort generated 131,000 Autodial Calls and 138,000 live calls to Republican voters over the last 5 days of the election

·         In the 2010 election, helped plan and manage a 55 seat paid caller calling center that generated 375,000 calls, helping to tie the Oregon House and coming within 300 votes of creating a tie in the Oregon Senate

·         Ran the day-to-day operations of several petition signature gathering efforts

·         Organized county organizations (Benton County Republican Party, Oregon Faith and Freedom Coalition PAC (review emails at Https://

Written manual on Legal Ballot Harvesting called “A Conservative/Republican Response to Ballot Harvesting”

·         Formed company, Action Solutions, to provide campaign consulting and communication services.

  • Formed company, Action Solutions, to provide campaign consulting and communication services.

Delivered 1 million automated broadcast messages for Carson for America Presidential Campaign.

Work on fundraising with Mike Lindell’s Lindell Offense Fund helping to protect


Additional references and “good words” available on request.

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