New Product Description

Over the last several issues, we have had a side bar announcing a new product we are offering.  This new product isn’t a phone product but is rather an internet marketing tool that goes beyond what is currently offered by other methods.

If you are interested in using the internet to reach and include your supporters you probably have started with an email list.  You have a place on your website where  visitors can come and signup to receive emails.  A double opt in sign up can even gather that signer’s IP Address for future steps.

Now that you have had that interested party come to your site and sign up you can send them emails.  Email management systems abound and they allow you to send large blasts of emails, measure who opens them, keep track of who opts out and manage your email campaigns.

As a next step, many will use cookies to track who comes to their website and what they do on the website.  Since most people aren’t savvy enough to turn off the cookies when they are surfing, this works.  This is an interesting thing to do but again requires that your member visit your site.

Of course, you probably also have a facebook presence.  Other facebook users can find your facebook and like it.  However, they do have to take action to make that ‘like’ connection. 

If you are a more savvy group, you can start serving up banner ads and pre-roll TV ads to IP addresses.   These get served up to the user as they surf the web and are integrated into the website.   Where do you get the IP Addresses?  You can create your own list from those who join your double opt in email list, or perhaps you have been able to purchase IP addresses in a region.  This has historically been available to the congressional district level or to a zip code.  And you didn’t know anything about who you were serving things up to. 

HOWEVER Now with our new product, you can match to a list to their IP Address (see discussion below for percent of match).  

Here is a quick description of the new product It’s called Direct Hit Marketing

It works by matching a list of names to IP Addresses at the household street level that represent the person ‘s IP address of their computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone-this will appear on any screen that is streaming the internet including big screen TV.

A list can be matched to IP Address at  generally 40 to 70% of the list (although depending on the environment, it might be less).

A list can be matched multiple times increasing the match rate. Verification of the voter is based on transactional data online and is an absolute match

This allows for targeting to specific voters. 

Once matched, the list can have Banner Ads and pre-roll TV spots served directly to that IP address whenever it comes online and wherever the voter goes online-these ads are inescapable.

Something similar to the following:

The idea is to serve up many impressions. This is your direct mail list or voter file with frequency-which everyone knows is the magic of advertising.

We can run approximately 30x a combination of ads (banner and pre roll) for the same price as 1x by direct mail- it works, and this is not only cost efficient, but the smart way to knock your opponents out- they won’t know what hit them. Please call to discuss and get a quote!

Action Solutions would love to help you activate your membership, find new potential members and pass legislation. If you have any questions or would like more information regarding options available for communications campaigns, contact Jeff Kubler at 888-761-3003, or at

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