Speak to all Phones

Speaking to all Phones

Phones are a great way to communicate last minute messages to voters.  It is absolutely true that a certain segment of the voting population could use last minute reminders about voting,  and getting them a message that lets them know that YOU are their candidate of choice based on some shared “hot button” issue is critically important.  Realizing that the average age of the voter is 54 years of age and that these folks are much less active on the various social media platforms has got to bring any candidate to the thought of phoning them.  Phones just work!

Anecdotally, I observe that many of these voters will not be paying attention to the various mailers that often arrive a month prior to the election.  In fact, I would assert that much campaign messaging is shot out to voters at a point when the potential voters aren’t even paying attention.  Those voters need your information closer to the election.  Phones work great for that!

Action Solutions has a long history of helping candidates get out these important last minute reminders to landlines (our company did the Carson for America Campaign to the tune of 1 million calls).  And we can do yours too! But there is a growing hole in the ability to reach voters via phones.  That hole is the cell phone.  More people are moving off landlines and getting ONLY cell phones.  What to do about these people when automated calls aren’t supposed to go to them?  Now Action Solutions is offering texting to cell phones to fill this hole.  Call today to find out more!

Action Solutions would love to help you get your last minute reminders to voters out. If you have any questions or would like more information regarding options available for communications campaigns, contact Jeff Kubler at 503-914-1082, or at jeff@actionsolutions.net.

Interactive Autodial Voter ID Town Hall Grassroots Fundraising

Don’t waste a nickel on another robocall. Let us craft specialized interactive autodial campaigns that activate your members, activate your voters, and expand your base.

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Our specialty is identifying Democrats and Unaffiliated voters who lean conservative on key issues.

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In one hour, personally interact LIVE with thousands of your constituents, voters, or members at the touch of button.

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As an offering to select clients, we have a cash-flow positive prospecting service from a voter file.

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  • Experienced, well trained, callers
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