Mike Lindell

Kari Lake – candidate for Arizona Governor

Tina Peters – Colorado

Sheriff Mac – Colorado

Actor Kirk Cameron Endorsing Dr. Ben Carson

Former Governor of Alaska and Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin

Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Retired General and current Executive-Vice President of the Family Research Council William G. Boykin

Former Senator Rick Santorum (PA)

Former Governor Mike Huckabee (AR)

Senator Rand Paul (KY)

Senator Ron Johnson (WI)

Governor Chris Christie (NJ)

Congressman Ed Royce (CA)

Former Congressman George Radonovich (CA)

Pollster Frank Luntz

Political Pundit Dick Morris

The Family Leader Iowa President Bob Vander Plaats

Conservative blogger Michelle Malkin

Freedom Works – Russ Walker

Freedom Works and former Congressman – Dick Armey

Former Washington State Attorney General Rob Mckenna (WA)

…and many more

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