GOTV and Win Your Race!

5 days left. GOTV and win your race

There’s less than a week before primary election day (August 5th in some states), final mailers are being delivered, doors are being knocked on, and calls are being made.Don’t let your campaign get lost in the shuffle. Over the past several election cycles, Action Solutions has been effectively developing and implementing powerful GOTV strategies. Delivering calls to targeted populations has been proven to be effective at getting Republican and conservative candidates elected, along with helping organizations promote their policies across the nation.

There’s still time to take action and make a final push across the finish line. Over the next several days, we can deliver:

– Automated calls with a message from your candidate or prominent endorser
– Telephone townhalls
– Last minute polling or surveys set-up, delivered, and actionable results provided in less than 24 hours

Reply to this email or contact Jeff Kubler, at 888-761-3003 ( to discuss programs, messaging, and pricing.

You can also visit for additional information.

Interactive Autodial Voter ID Town Hall Grassroots Fundraising

Don’t waste a nickel on another robocall. Let us craft specialized interactive autodial campaigns that activate your members, activate your voters, and expand your base.

  • Action Connect: #1 leading Patch Through system
  • GOTV calls
  • Generate RSVPs for your events
  • Signature gathering

Our specialty is identifying Democrats and Unaffiliated voters who lean conservative on key issues.

  • High quality results at little cost
  • Here is the key to winning races - what's a voter "hot button"?
  • Sky high response rates
  • Results in just days

In one hour, personally interact LIVE with thousands of your constituents, voters, or members at the touch of button.

  • Custom developed, full featured system
  • Invite an entire district in minutes
  • Competitive pricing
  • Run and manage a Town Hall from anywhere!

As an offering to select clients, we have a cash-flow positive prospecting service from a voter file.

  • Prospect for new donors and build your donor base from a voter file at break even or better!
  • Experienced, well trained, callers
  • Build your email list
  • Add new members who can be activated to help your organization