Patch-Through Stories

5 benefits of a Patch-through calling campaign

With the shutdown of the government over the funding of Obamacare, some groups may be wondering what they can do to keep the pressure up on the decision makers, to keep them on the task of stopping Obamacare?  One solution is to energize the membership list by sending out a patch-through call asking that they press a key and go to that office to leave an important message.  Why do this?  Why not keep using the normal methods of getting the word out?  Well here are 5 benefits!

Proclaim your organization’s stand on an issue:

With a Patch-through campaign, an organization can deliver an automated call to its supporter list or to a targeted segment of the population with a message from a leader of the organization or a prominent supporter.   In addition to the impact of the message itself, those who answer the phone would have the opportunity to have their call immediately forwarded to the appropriate office.   They don’t have to remember the number to call, the time of day when it can create the most impact, or risk having the appeal get lost in the deluge of daily emails they receive.   Even if they don’t answer the phone live, they can still receive a voicemail detailing the important issue at stake.  Your supporters will know your stand on the issue and can be educated and directed to make an impact on the issue.

Know what the results from your calls are:

“Action alerts” and “Call to action” press releases are common and provide important contact information for your supporters and grassroots activists. The downside of this form of communication is that it is inherently passive.   A person would have to read the email, be moved by its content, and actually dial the number or write an email.   There are a lot of points where a person could get distracted or simply decide it’s not worth the time before contact is made with the office.   Another downside is that email “Action alerts” can be fairly unaccountable.   Do you have a way to measure the impact or total number of calls, letters, or emails that were sent in response to your alert?  With a Patch-Through call you can know they made contact!

Win the issue:

One example of an effective use ofpatch-through calls was an occasion when Action Solutions worked with FreedomWorks in Pennsylvania.   A bill expanding school choice was working its way through the state legislature, and FreedomWorks had several state senators targeted as swing votes.   A population of conservative voters was compiled and a patch-through campaign was conducted.   Over 7,000 voters ended up calling the targeted senators, and every senator voted in favor of the bill.

Advertise the issue to your membership:

What is your organization’s plan for galvanizing grassroots action when an important bill is coming to a vote or being addressed in committee?   Encouraging your supporters to call, visit, or write their respective legislator is one of the most powerful ways any organization can influence legislation. The problem though, is that it is notoriously difficult to: one, get people’s attention; and two, actually get people to take action. Decreasing the burden of action required of supporters in reaching out to their legislators is imperative to improving your efforts at influencing legislation.

Identify other potential members:

A Patch-Through effort, if conducted in a population of people who aren’t already associated with your organization, could serve as a prospecting tool of sorts as well, as you would be able to identify individuals and develop an internal list of people strongly motivated about the particular issue.  You could then make a separate appeal to this list at some point in the future.

Enhance your Groups image as a deliverer of vital information and a leader in the arena:

Every group is looking to provide service and education, in order that its supporters will want to continue, and even increase their support of the organization.  What better way to maintain contact with your followers and to grow the depth of that relationship than with a direct appeal to help on some issue?

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Case Study: Patch-through Fundraising

Texas Right to Life



Texas Right to Life was hosting Governor Rick Perry as the speaker for their September 16th Annual Celebration of Life Dinner.  The event had a speaker, meal and an auction.  Texas Right to Life wanted to promote the event, get more attendees, raise more money and find more items for the auction.


Action Solution:

Action Solutions used its state-of-the-art automated calling system to deliver a message of invitation to the event.  Those who heard the live recording had the opportunity to RSVP for the event and/or make a donation to the organization during the call.  Action Solutions technology can request a response and collect that response and it can also take an action, such as move the responder to another phone line.  This is called a “Patch-Through” call.  As an example we have portions of a message, “Hi, this is Jim Graham with Texas Right to Life. Within the last few days you will have received your invitation to join us, Friday, September 13th, to celebrate life at the Westin Galleria in Houston. Texas Right to Life is excited that Governor Rick Perry will be joining us at this 16th Annual Celebration of Life and Silent Auction. For more about a donation or to RSVP to join us, please press 1 to be connected directly to the Texas Right to Life office. Staff members, and myself, are ready right now to reserve your seat or table while they still are available.  If you would like to be connected with the Texas Right to Life office right now, please press 1.  From all of us celebrating the 40th anniversary of Texas Right to Life’s fighting to defend innocent human life, thank you. “.  This message went to current members and we had great success helping to remind potential attendees to take some immediate action.




This proved to be a great way to advertise and remind potential attendees about the event, resulting in a number of people patching through to sign up for seats and make auction donations.  Additionally, this call was very exciting because several people, not planning to attend, made unexpected donations to Texas Right to Life.

Patch-through technology calls can also be used very effectively help influence legislation.


Pennsylvania Freedom Works

Scenario:  The Pennsylvania Freedom Works Group wanted to to influence Legislators about a School Choice Bill – SB 1 and at the same time  identify and motivate Freedom Works members to action in helping to pass SB 1.  To do this Freedom Works worked with Action Solutions to design a Patch-Through effort to allow it’s membership list and others to press a key to go to targeted offices to leave their message of support for SB 1.

While using Patch-Throughs they discovered the effectiveness of automated Patch-Through calls.  Using messages about the inviting people to press “1” and talk to their legislator, Freedom Works, was able to do the following:

Send almost 8,000 callers to various offices with live callers asking about a vote for SB 1.

Identify 6,000 – 8,000 highly motivated callers

Sample Message

Hi, this is an urgent message from Freedom Works about SB 1, a bill moving through the state Legislature that will bring school choice reform to the state and allow students trapped in failing and often times violent schools a way out you can press 1 at any time during this recording to be connected to your legislator and urge their support of this critical legislation, SB will create greater competition in education and improve Pennsylvania schools across the board without any additional taxes, but the powerful teachers union are working hard to defeat school choice and maintain the current system of wasting millions  …

The School Choice Bill passed!




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