The Simple Truth – Endorsements are Effective

The Simple Truth – Endorsements are Effective

The retiring, long-time serving and well-known legislator wants to endorse your candidacy.  Or the president of a well-known advocacy group has decided to back your election.  Perhaps a well known national politician wants to help your election.  These are just a few examples of the potential endorsers a candidate might want to use effectively in helping their election efforts.  But how best to use these endorsements? 

Postcards, TV commercials, radio commercials, and letters are all good ideas for passing along the endorsement.  But how can you be sure that anyone sees or hears that endorsement?  TV channels are in abundance- how do you know that the message got to the voter?  Radio is getting to be the same issue.  How do you target an audience that might be moved by the commercial?  Printed material is great, especially if you have a photo of yourself with the endorser and they are well recognized.  But we all know the art of reaching people by mail is being practiced by many and everyone is getting multiple pieces of mail.  How many people really take a look at their incoming mail closely?

So there are problems with almost every way of reaching the voter.  Lack of ability to target, lack of personal appeal, an inability to make an appeal to be seen or heard, and an inability to measure the reception of the message are all issues with the methods mentioned above.  One method does allow for a personal appeal, an ability to measure, an ability to target the message, and an appeal to be heard- these are all found in an automated call.  Automated calls can get the message of endorsement to just those voters that the candidate wants to hear the message.  Automated calls can be measured as you can calculate the average listening time for the live listener and you can measure the fact that the message went to a voicemail machine.  A well-constructed message can ensure that more listeners find the message interesting enough to listen to. A well-known endorser can be a powerful aid to get voters to cast their ballot and include your name on the ballot.

Good examples have helped numerous candidates win in close primaries or general elections.  Here is one, “Hello this is Congressman George Radonovich. As you may know I am retiring from Congress and am supporting conservative Jeff Denham for our district”.

Bill Clinton has offered many endorsement“robocalls” such as the following, “You can count on John Delaney to stand up for the middle class and for our Democratic values,” Clinton says in the 32-second message. “Please vote for more jobs, for greater opportunity by voting for Democrat John Delaney for Congress,” he adds.  Could an endorsement automated call be the difference between your primary win or loss in an upcoming primary?  Please call Jeff at 503-914-1082 or email today!

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