What is a Voter ID Survey and Why it is critical to Victory!

What is a Voter ID Survey and Why it is critical to Victory!

Voter ID has been a hot topic in the news. But what is it and what do we mean by the term? It is hard for me to imagine Voter ID as I understand the term as it has appeared in the news. I carry my wallet and ID with me 99.9% of the time. What the term means in common culture, I believe, has to do with voters who appear at the voter place but don’t have any ID with them. This is supposed to be some form of discrimination, but as an adult I am puzzled by anyone who doesn’t carry their ID with them except to swim or jog. BUT THAT ISN’T what we mean here. In our usage of the term, VOTER ID, we are trying to find out who that voter is? Do they have any issues that might be “HOT BUTTON” issues that will motivate them to act, vote and support a candidate.
Here are four points about Voter ID Surveys and why no candidate should be without them and their results!

1. Independent voters
You already know who your base is and how to get them out. The question is, how do you reach individuals who don’t indicate by party if they are likely to agree with you on the issues without getting out the “wrong” vote? Many campaigns simply avoid reaching out to this important segment of the population due to the lack of knowledge concerning what they view as important, and their positions on the issues. The answer is not to avoid them, but to learn from them and identify those who lean conservative and would either vote for you or join your organization. A voter ID survey can allow you to not only know what their views are, but the relative importance they place on each particular issue. This can allow for targeted messaging that isn’t reliant on affiliations or assumptions, but on actual responses from individuals.

2. List development
Lists are the life-blood of any campaign or organization. Whether it be for your general newsletters, donors, event attendance invitations, yard signs, etc., ensuring that your database of supporters and prospects is as up-to-date and accurate as possible is essential. Voter ID surveys can add significant depth and specificity regarding your lists while having the potential of expanding it if the survey is used as a prospecting tool. The survey can help grow your list by adding names of people who have interest in the issues and values of your campaign or organization.

3. Opportunity to re-register people as Republicans
Registering people to vote provides both immediate and downstream benefits for campaigns or political parties. With the non-affiliated and independent voting segment of the population rapidly growing in many places, knowing those who hold conservative positions on the issues can allow you to efficiently utilize volunteer time when having registration drives. No longer would you have to send people out to knock on every single door not knowing if whoever answers would register for the other party. You could provide your volunteers or paid staff with a list of doors to knock on whose residents have already indicated that they hold conservative views. This can allow you to get the most out of both your volunteer and paid time. And, as they say, time is money.

4. GOTV, influence legislation
Ultimately, any effort that goes into a campaign or organization should be working towards getting out the vote or influencing legislation. Those are the core goals. If you cannot get out the vote or influence legislation, you are wasting your time and money. Voter ID surveys can help you build a solid foundation on which to base all other efforts on. It can provide you with an advantage over your opposition that can make a significant difference.

If you have any questions or would like more information concerning voter identification efforts, contact me, Jeff Kubler at jeff@actionsolutions.net or at 888-761-3003.

You can also visit our website at http://www.actionsolutions.net for additional information.

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